Katie Richardson

Katie Richardson is a fully qualified and accredited counsellor and psychotherapist with experience in various organisations including the Rape Crisis Centre.

Katie is dedicated to supporting individuals on their healing journey, empowering clients to overcome self-limiting beliefs and live authentically.

Drawing from her own personal journey, Katie is passionate about guiding others towards living an authentic and fulfilling life. Katie firmly believes that individuals have the power to turn their pain and anguish into something meaningful and powerful. Encouraging individuals to look for opportunities to reconnect with themselves and find their inner strength.

Katie’s expertise lies in working with adolescents and couples where she adopts a strength based approached tailored to each individuals needs. Katie takes an integrated approach when working with her clients and works in alignment with person-centered and solution focused therapies.

Katie offers a neuro-affirming approach, helping individuals and couples who are neurodivergent, both pre and post diagnoses. Katie provides an exploratory approach assisting individuals navigating neurodevelopmental challenges, focusing on their personal growth and development.

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