Annmarie Gray

Annmarie Gray is a highly qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist who specialises in helping individuals who have experienced trauma, grief, and relationship issues. With many years of clinical experience, Annmarie is well-equipped to assist her clients in navigating through their difficulties and finding healing and growth. She utilises a collective approach to therapy, drawing on techniques such as EMDR, person-centered therapy, CBT, and solution-focused therapy.

Annmarie firmly believes that each individual has the power to heal and transform into their true self, and she is dedicated to helping her clients tap into that power. She also works with adolescents, couples, and individuals to help them rebuild their lives, gain insight into their struggles, and take steps towards a more confident and fulfilling future. Annmarie’s compassionate and empowering approach to therapy makes her a valuable resource for anyone seeking support on their journey towards emotional well-being.

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